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2022 RMYC Corpsmember

Join us as we celebrate Allison Reinhoffer, the 2022 RMYC Corpsmember of the Year!


Alison is acknowledged alongside six other outstanding CM's of the Year from other accredited youth corps in the state by the Colorado Youth Corps Association. All winners receive a plaque, acknowledgment letters from Senator Bennet and Senator Hickenlooper, respectively, and receive various gifts from Great Outdoors Colorado and REI.

My Story

Alison Reinhoffer joined RMYC as a crew member in 2020, returned as an ACL only to be promoted to CL during training in 2021, and then returned again as a CL in 2022. According to Alison, the reason they initially joined the corps can best be explained as the need to “shake the dust from their life.” When asked about that leap of faith in the name of dust shaking, Alison continued, “Camping for 11 straight weeks seemed crazy to me at that point so naturally I applied. Thank goodness I did! I attribute so much of who I am now to RMYC.”


Any corps season comes with its own unique obstacles, and that is certainly true for returning corps members as well. Alison mentions that self-doubt was perhaps the biggest obstacle they had to overcome as a crew leader in 2023. “Going into the season, I was really nervous about always making the right decisions for my crew and leading them the “right” way. In the past, it was this kind of self-inflicted pressure that often paralyzed me from taking any action at all. I realized this season that messing up is inevitable, so I should lead with my gut, enjoy the successes and learn from the mistakes.”


The impact of Alison’s corps career is palpable in their life at home as well, as they report that the chainsaw certification and Wilderness First Responder they received opened up new volunteer and job opportunities in their community. Alison attributes their RMYC career as the catalyst for changing their major to Conservation and Natural Resources, which they’ve used each of their Segal Education awards in pursuit of. As RMYC gears up for another season, it’s clear that this organization has been influenced by Alison as well, as several members from Alison’s 2022 summer crew are looking to return to RMYC in a leadership role, and they cite Alison’s influence and guidance as the biggest reason why they feel confident moving into a new role.


To say that Alison is dedicated to the corps life and the ideals which make RMYC what it is would be a huge understatement!

Quotes from Allison

"It might be a little odd, but my favorite memory from this season is of a drive back to camp from Rocky Mountain National Park. We had an awesome day running around the park, and as soon as we got in the van it started pouring. A few of my members were asleep, the rest were quietly chatting. I remember glancing in the rearview mirror at them and feeling so grateful to have a crew that loved each other so much. I felt very content in that moment."


"Since joining RMYC, I’ve learned to trust myself. There have been so many strange and stressful situations where something didn’t go to plan, but somehow I handled it. That’s the thing! When things go wrong, you just buckle up and get through it. And now I know I can. I’ve also gained trust in my body. It’s capable of way more than I give it credit for."


"I also think living and working with the same 10 people changes your brain chemistry. Being forced to consider the good of the group 24/7 turns it into a habit. Now anytime I’m in some sort of group, I’m viewing it as I would a crew. I think my biology lab group finds that strange haha."


"Working for RMYC three summers in a row really opened my eyes to how much of a family it is. I love how tightly everyone is connected to each other. For example, my field coordinator this season was on a crew with my first crew leader in her first year at RMYC. It’s been such a privilege to be part of the small world that is Rocky Mountain Youth Corps."

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