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alumni testimonials

Alumni and partner testimonial information and Instructions
Summit Daiy

Video Recording Tips: 

  • Use the newest, best phone or camera available to you.

  • Find a quiet place to record yourself, away from ambient noise such as cars, trucks, chainsaws, and WIND

  • Flat light under cloud cover or in shade is preferred

  • If it is not windy outside, outside is preferred.

  • Make sure your phone is in airplane mode and silenced.

  • Hold camera/phone in vertical/upright position.

  • Do as many takes as possible

  • Make declaratory statements and be sure to pause between sentences. We will edit these testimonials to be only one minute in length. 

Video Content Ideas: 

  • Tell us how your RMYC experience impacted your life. 

  • For project partners: Tell us about a project or two and how partnering with RMYC made it happen! 

  • RMYC is an organization founded on passion. Tell us about any experience you had with RMYC that evoked passion, love or unity. 

Video Submission Instructions: 

Thank you for supporting RMYC!

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