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Jenny Carey
Jenny Carey

Jenny Carey
Term January 2021– Present

Jenny first arrived in Steamboat in 2005 during her college summers at Michigan State University to join Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. The three seasons she spent building portions of the Continental Divide Trail throughout Colorado and Wyoming were incredibly formative and life changing experiences and 16 years later she has somehow managed to make a career in trails! After RMYC she spent three seasons with the trail crew out of Pinedale, WY for the Bridger Teton National Forest. Like so many, the Yampa Valley curse drew her back to Steamboat in 2010 where she joined the RMYC staff as a program director to manage recruitment and hiring for the Conservation Corps program. She currently works for the City of Steamboat Springs as the Open Space and Trails Supervisor. She still loves getting out with the city trail crew to get her hands dirty and swing a tool and is looking forward to a new role with RMYC which has been such a huge part of her life.

Greg Henion
Greg Henion

Term March 2001 – Present

Greg Henion joined the RMYC Board of Directors in 2001 because of his love for the outdoors.  He is confident that RMYC’s mission to engage young people in the outdoors through service, education, and teamwork does make a powerful impact on their lives.  Greg has remained on the board for several terms because he is invested in RMYC’s vision and has enjoyed seeing how much RMYC has grown and evolved in a very intentional way.  He is inspired by the Executive Director, Gretchen Van De Carr’s energy, drive, and passion.  He is proud to be involved with a passionate and invested group of board and staff members that make things happen.  Greg is a Certified Public Account for THPK Accounting Firm and brings a wealth of financial expertise and guidance to the Board.  Greg enjoys mountain biking on trails all over the Yampa Valley, kayaking, rafting, and back-country skiing on Rabbit Ears and Buffalo Pass. 

Paul Sachs
Paul Sachs

Term March 2008 – Present

Paul Sachs went to college in Cambridge, Massachusetts and then to law school in Philadelphia, where he was raised.  In eleventh grade Paul spent 8 weeks in the back-country of the Tetons and the latter experience changed his life.  Notwithstanding the additional years of education in cities, work in the Federal Courts, and some time spent in Denver, he knew that he wanted to live in the mountains.  Over twenty years ago Paul was fortunate to fulfill that dream and moved to Steamboat Springs, where he has made this community his home.  Paul believes that RMYC provides an opportunity for others to experience the wonder that he found in the back-country of the Tetons, and, perhaps, to change their lives for the better, as he believes that experience did for him.  Paul is an Attorney and Judge and enjoys running, Nordic skiing, reading, baking, music, and spending quality time with his family.

Frank Mayer
Frank Mayer

frank mayer
Term January 2019 – Present

Frank Mayer is excited to serve on the RMYC Board of Directors. As a teenager, his experiences in Routt County included those similar to the opportunities RMYC promotes. Frank brings to the Board over 30 years of teaching experience in life, physics, and environmental science education. He currently teaches an on-line lab based Physics course at Arizona State University. As a 6th grade Steamboat Springs Middle School Math and Science teacher, Frank first experienced RMYC while his students participated in the Yampa Valley Science School. Those experiences and a passion to promote meaningful outdoor opportunities are some of the reasons for Frank’s excitement to serve on the RMYC Board. Frank and his wife, Kim, live in Clark and enjoy watching the grass grow and the snow fall, or enjoy time in Kailua-Kona, HI watching the waves break and the palm trees sway. They take every opportunity they can to spend time with two sons, their wives and four grandkids. 

Paige Bake
Page Baker

Term March 2017 - Present

Paige Baker is excited to be part of an organization that helps youth and young adults discover the benefits of respecting and experiencing nature. Paige grew up in Wyoming where her family instilled a love for outdoor recreation at an early age. Much time was spent skiing, hiking, fishing, camping and learning about the natural world around her.  After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming, Paige moved to Steamboat Springs where she worked for the ski area and met her future husband, Brad. A move to the Front Range allowed Paige the opportunity to continue her education by receiving a Master’s degree in apparel design from Colorado State University. She worked in the outdoor apparel industry and was able “test” product while still considering it work. She and her family were stricken with the Yampa Valley Curse and have moved back to embrace the beauty of Steamboat Springs. Paige and Brad are excited to share all the benefits that come from contributing time and energy to enjoying and preserving our natural environment with their daughter.  

Adam Alspach
Adam Asplach

Adam Alspach recently moved to Steamboat Springs with his wife and son. He loves recreating with his family in the outdoors and has always been very involved supporting organizations that engage youth in the natural environment.  When Adam discovered there was an opportunity to serve on a board with a mission that allows him to tap into his passion for supporting quality outdoor based programs he was very excited join RMYC.  Adam is the Assistant Vice President for Alpine Bank in Steamboat Springs and brings a wealth of financial knowledge and past board experience to RMYC.  Adam enjoys biking, hiking, alpine and Nordic skiing among many other outdoor activities.  Adam and his wife are thrilled to be raising their son in a such a connected community with vast recreational activities. 

Margi Briggs Casson
Margi Briggs

Margi Briggs-Casson believes in the mission of RMYC and is grateful to be part of its functioning.  It is rewarding to her to be in the company of others who have the same commitment and beliefs.  Margi thinks that RMYC is a life-altering opportunity for participants and at such a vulnerable time in one’s life.  She is confident that RMYC supports youth and young adults by offering the experience to "unhook" and learn to be in the out of doors contributing and experiencing the bigger picture of nature, of which we are all a part.”  Margi is a retired Steamboat Springs Middle School Counselor, and she enjoys skiing, yoga, hiking/walking, and has a love for music.   

Avrom Feinberg
Avrom Feinberg

avrom feinberg
Term December 2014 - Present

Avrom Feinberg is passionate about all that RMYC does through its programs, as well as supporting the long history of programming.  He is particularly engaged because RMYC gave him his introduction to the world of conservation, environmental education, and program management back in the late 20th century.  He often talks about missing the massive amounts of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as well as Yacky Yacky Moo Moo.  Avrom’s experience as the Associate Director for RMYC brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the Board.  He provides expertise and training in Human Resources, IT systems, and project management to RMYC staff and brings his insight to the board.  He enjoys the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment that comes from working with a dynamic board.  Avrom loves being outside and enjoys doing things that make him happy; some of which cause him pain and suffering (like golf and endurance running). He likes to push himself to his edge of comfort and increase his capacity to access exciting endorphins through back-country skiing, trail running, Nordic skiing, and mountain biking.  

Scott Wither
Scott Wither

Term March 2017 – present

Scott Wither is a 4th generation Steamboat Springs native and enjoys the outdoor lifestyle to its fullest.  A full time real estate professional with The Group Real Estate and ski coach with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC), he is well ingrained in the Steamboat Springs community.  Scott’s dad, Pete Wither, was the first Board President of RMYC and Scott is looking forward to continuing his family’s effort to support such an outstanding cause.  Scott believes that RMYC instills many of the same qualities that SSWSC strives to help its athletes master.  Supporting community youth and allowing them to achieve their own success through hard work, goal setting, and dedication through which ever programs they decide to engage in is very important to Scott. 

Timothy Redmond
Tim Redmond

Tim Redmond
Term January 2021 – Present

Tim moved to Routt County in 1984. He attended Cheyney college (Nation’s oldest HBCU) Cheyney P.A.  He was first elected as a County Commissioner in 2020 and was sworn into office in January of 2021. He served on Hayden town council for 12 years and Mayor for one term.  Tim has always been passionate about giving back and being involved in the community. He serves on a multitude of boards and commissions including, but not limited to the Associated Governments of NW Colorado, Club 20, Regional Building Department Oversight Committee, Community Ag Alliance, Routt County Wildland Fire Council, and the Yampa Valley Airport Commission.  Tim been helped shape the lives of youth in our community coaching youth baseball, football, basketball, and soccer. Tim enjoys the outdoors and has been a long fisherman and fly fisherman since 1990.  

Darcy Owens-Trask
Darcy Owens

Darcy is a workforce development manager and human resources professional who has worked throughout Northwest Colorado for over two decades.  She previously taught HR and Resort Management courses at CMC in Steamboat Springs and maintains a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). 

Darcy also volunteers at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference and completed Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Outdoor Educator Courses with NOLS. In her free time, enjoys hiking and camping in Colorado, the Southwest, and the rainy Pacific Northwest.

Loretta McEllhiney
Loretta McElhiney

As a long-time project partner, Loretta McEllhiney has seen firsthand the positive impact RMYC has on Colorado’s natural resources and the youth who are engaged. Loretta is passionate about Colorado’s public lands and enjoys sharing that passion. There is nothing better than hearing the tales of a young person who has found their calling after floundering in the world. There are opportunities available for people who seek to live and work out in the natural environment. As an outdoor professional who struggled to gain the skills necessary to pursue this career, Loretta knows the importance of professional hands on training and experience. Loretta joined the RMYC Board of Directors in 2021 in the hope she can assist with connecting youth to the natural environment and professional career opportunities. As a 30+ year resident of Leadville, Loretta enjoys numerous outdoor activities and is always game for a new adventure in the great outdoors. Her love of Nordic skiing and playing with her fur babies has led her to become active in K9 skijoring with her Alaskan partner Sunshine.

Lucas Mouttet
Lucas Mouttet

Lucas Mouttet has spent most of his life playing and working in the Colorado mountains and has been excited to call Steamboat home with his wife and two girls since 2018. He believes in the mission of RMYC as both an organization that helps youth develop into community members as well as create positive change for the local environment. Lucas understands the strains of working with local youth through his daily adventures with their girls as they grow at a break-neck pace. He's always loved spending time in Colorado's mighty landscapes on foot, on wheels or on water. Lucas has also been lucky enough to work in the fields of environmental education, fire restoration, natural resource management and outdoor recreation. Lucas is excited for the opportunity to work with RMYC and its excellent staff and board to create more opportunities for local youth to thrive and flourish in their community!

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